The best way to know about martial arts is to read lots of books. Martial arts have been practiced for years and the techniques have evolved. Here are some recommended books on martial arts you can read.

The Book of Five Rings

By – Miyamoto Muusashi and Shiro Tsujimura

This book is written by samurai Miyamoto Musashi. It is about strategy and how to win against opponents. You will get advice on how to throw your opponent off guard, how to overpower them, etc. You will understand that martial arts are about strategic thinking rather than showing physical power.

Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method

By – Bruce Lee, M. Uyehara

This book teaches you techniques that can help you in case you are attacked on the street. You will learn how to improve your reflexes and body movements. There are lots of photographs in this book.

Advanced Brazilian Jiujitsu Techniques

By –  Marcelo Garcia, Marshal D. Carper, Glen Cordoza

The book is written by one of the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters in the world. You will learn about the style of grappling. The book talks about the techniques in detail and is supported by photographs.

Karate Fighting Techniques: The Complete Kumite

By – Hirokazu Kanazawa

The writer is a famous karate master. It is a complete guide to sparring or kumite. The karate has four areas: basics. kata, kumite, and competition. Kumite is the art of grappling. In this book, you will learn the various techniques of grappling.

These books cover different types of martial arts techniques. You will learn about the existing martial arts techniques and the new ones as well. You must have some of these books in your collection if you want to learn martial arts.